How to contribute

MobilityData’s goal is for the Mobility Database to become a sustainable, independent piece of mobility data infrastructure for stakeholders across the world. We will need regular feedback and contribution from the community to achieve this vision. You can help us make the Mobility Database better in a few ways:

This work relies on the sponsorship of the mobility community. If you'd like to support the development and growth of our work, you can learn more about becoming a MobilityData member here.

Are you using the Mobility Database?

We want to share your work with the community. Please let us know that you're using the Mobility Database below and we can promote your work and gain better insight into how to improve the database in the future.

Contributors List

🎉 Thanks to all those who have contributed since 2021. This includes any organizations or unaffiliated individuals who have added data, updated data, or contributed code.


  • Golden Gate Bridge Highway Transit District

  • DART Delaware

  • Commerce Municipal Bus Lines

  • Metro Christchurch

  • High Valley Transit

  • Entur AS

  • Kitsap Transit

  • Adelaide Metro

  • Port Phillip Ferries

  • Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

  • Transcollines

  • Unobus

  • San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority

  • ECO Transit

  • Roma Mobilita

  • Cal-ITP

  • Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority

  • County of Hawai’i Mass Transit Agency

  • Springfield Mass Transit District (SMTD)

  • Eismo Info

  • Metro de Málaga

  • Santiago Directorio de Transporte Público Metropolitano

  • Department of Municipalities and Transport, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF)

  • Passio Technologies

  • Redmon Group

  • Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)

  • Rio de Janeiro City Hall

  • Walker Consultants

  • Garnet Consultants

  • Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)

  • Bi-State Regional Commission

  • Digital Transport for Africa (DT4A)

  • Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

  • Transport for Cairo

  • Skedgo

  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

  • UCSC Transporation and Parking Services

  • BreizhGo

  • Volánbusz

  • Bettendorf Transit

  • Kuzzle

  • Sound Transit

  • Pinpoint AVL




If you are listed here and would like to add your organization, let MobilityData know.

  • Jessica Rapson

  • Gábor Kovács

  • Florian Maunier

  • Kovács Áron

  • Oliver Hattshire

  • @1-Byte on GitHub

  • Kevin Butler

  • Allan Fernando

  • Saipraneeth Devunuri

  • Eloi Torrents

  • Justin Brooks